Best Casino Affiliate Programs

Why Fable Affiliates is the Best Casino Affiliate Program of 2019

There are plenty of casino affiliate programs out there all vying for your attention, and with new programs launching almost every week, the crowd is only getting bigger. Despite all this choice, there’s still one outstanding affiliate scheme – Fable Affiliates – which only launched in 2017, but has already established itself as a leader, combining as it does world class professionalism and service with an exceedingly generous commission scheme.

Fable Affiliates offers the chance for its affiliates to claim up to a staggering 50% commission on each and every one of the players they refer to a Fable Affiliates casino. The inflated size of its commissions reflects the confidence Fable Affiliates has in its brands, and their enthusiasm to share their success with you.

It’s not just the commissions which will leave you content when you get involved with Fable; you’ll also be blown away by the service you receive. The Fable Affiliates team has many years of collective experience on both sides of the casino affiliates business, meaning they know exactly what you’re looking for in an affiliates program. All communication is prompt and professional, you’re always kept in the loop about developments with the brands that might interest you, and you’ll have full access to a suite of helpful marketing tools.




Online and mobile gambling is a highly profitable industry, but not only for the casinos themselves. If you are serious about content marketing and would love to try to make money from it, then gambling affiliate programs could be the way to go. This page has all the information you’ll ever need to get started in this highly competitive field. Even if you’ve been an online casino affiliate for a while, we can help you boost your revenue and choose industry leading casino affiliate programs that offer fair commissioning schemes and tonnes of money making potential.

The Benefits of Casino Affiliate Programs

The internet is a big and crowded marketplace, and it’s a big challenge for the marketing teams at casinos to get their brands’ names out there using traditional marketing techniques. What’s much more effective is to illicit the help of third party marketers, who can spread the word about casino brands in all kind of places across the net, and send traffic originating from all over directly to a casino’s front page.

There’s various ways other than simply broadening the reach of a casino’s exposure in which using affiliates is beneficial for casinos. Firstly, people tend to be more responsive to marketing which is seen to be third party opinion, rather than simply a brand marketing directly to them. Affiliates also tend to be far more efficient at getting news about new games, special promotions and other developments at casinos out in a timely manner, and casinos rely on them to keep players informed.

So what’s in it for the affiliates? Well firstly, if you have an interest in getting involved in the online casino industry, but don’t have the knowledge or resources to run a casino of your own, becoming an affiliate can be a cheap and relatively easy option for you to get started. Whether you want to set up an affiliate site from your bedroom on your own, or run it as part of a larger business, the affiliate arrangement can work for all kinds of models.

Affiliates can also enjoy theoretically limitless rewards. You get to pick and choose which brands you want to promote – depending on which you think will perform the best – how you decide how you want to promote them. If you’re able to successfully push traffic towards casinos, there’s no reason why there should be a limit to the amount of commission you are able to claim from your chosen brands.

If you have a decent understanding of online and mobile casinos, and have a good idea of how to promote them, then becoming an affiliate could be a great move for you.

Best Affiliate Programs to Work with in 2019

mFortune Partners

if the fact that mFortune is already a hugely popular site with over a million members – all signing up to enjoy the mobile casino’s vast array of totally exclusive games – doesn’t convince you to promote this site, how about the fact that there’s the possibility of claiming up to 60% commission? With such huge rewards on offer from a casino which basically sells itself, mFortune Partners is a great program to get on board with.


iAffiliates offers its affiliates a cost per acquisition arrangement, meaning that instead of getting a share of the revenue made from a player over time, the program will simply pay you a fixed fee for each depositing player that you send to one of its brands. Depending on the number of players you send their way, you can claim up to an impressive $500 per player. Considering the fact that included on iAffiliates roster of brands there’s the massive, this is not only one of the best affiliate programs of 2017, but one of the best affiliate programs of all time.

QuickThink Affiliates

One of the best features of the QuickThink Affiliates program is the fact that you’ll be promoting some of the best proprietary software on the casino market. The brands – including Spin Genie, Slingo, Pocket Fruity and Candy Shop Bingo – are built on Gaming Realms’ fantastic platform, and are the only place where you can play the slots and bingo hybrid Slingo. QuickThink’s brands are perennial favourites among players, and super easy to promote.