7 Mind-Blowing Real Cash Mobile Game Facts

The world of real cash mobile gaming is a fascinating place, where tradition meets innovation, and people from around the world meet in a melting pot of fun, thrills, excitement and disappointment. There’s tons you probably don’t know about the remote gaming industry and the games that make it up, which is why we decided to put together these mind-blowing facts which will both surprise and educate you!

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1. Remote Gambling is Over 20 Years Old!

Any gambler will tell you that they’ll take any opportunity to place a bet, and the advent of internet created plenty of new opportunity! You might think that real money remote gambling was a relatively recent creation, but in reality, it has its roots all the way back in 1994, when the first online casino – Gambling Club – was launched.

While it was the first, it wasn’t the best of the early online gambling sites, and by 1998, it had been joined by more than 200 other casinos all trying to improve on the model. That’s nothing compared to the thousands we have today, but it’s still impressive growth.

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2. But Real Money Mobile Gambling is Just 10 Years Old

While it was relatively easy to make real money casino games for desktop computers connected to the internet (despite how apparently basic they might seem to us today), launching real money games for mobile devices is a whole different matter. It wasn’t until Spin3, the mobile gaming arm of Microgaming, launched a real money Baccarat game in March 2007 that mobile players could gamble on the go.

Soon after, Spin3 launched other real money games like 3 Card Brag Poker and a handful of slots, and for a year or two had pretty much a complete monopoly of the market!


3. Gambling Gets You High

Well, more to the point, winning when you gamble gets you high. Gambling is all about losses and win, and that’s related to your brain’s rewards function. While losing can often feel like the end of the world, when you win you can feel like you’re flying, and that’s because you’re high – on dopamine.

Dopamine is the molecule behind pleasure and reward. The dopamine in the brain’s mesolimbic pathway drives motivation, and when you enjoy success – like when you gamble – the brain is rewarded with a massive dose of the stuff, which makes you feel great. It’s chasing this high which can lead people to become addicted to gambling.

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4. The UK Remote Gambling Industry is Worth £2.5bn a Year

There’s a lot of money to be made in real money mobile gambling – at least if you’re an operator running gambling sites that is. It may or may not surprise you to learn that the remote gambling industry is worth a lot of money, but would you have guessed that each year it brings in in excess of £25.bn? Well, that’s the data we have for 2016, anyway, and seeing as the industry is always growing, this year is likely to be far more.

Those figures means that real money remote gambling brings in a third of the total UK gambling revenue! Again, though, many are expecting a shift in the next couple of years, which will see the majority of gambling revenue come through remote sources.


5. Network-wide Progressives Are Your Best Bet for Huge Wins

Plenty of players come to remote gambling as a way of switching off and unwinding after a busy day. There are, however, plenty of other for whom remote gambling is a means to an end, and who try desperately to chase those progressive jackpots. There are three kinds of progressive jackpots; in-game, local, and network-wide, but which has the best potential for huge wins?

It turns out that network-wide are by far the most promising for big jackpots. Linking often doens of games at hundreds of casinos, these jackpots ramp up quickly, and allow for the possibility of jackpots regularly reaching into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

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6. Remote Gambling sites are Safer for Your Money than Banks

You might think that popping all your money into a bank would be the best place for it, but banks are free to invest and spend your money as they see fit, and if the bank goes under, there’s a high likelihood you’d never see your savings again. Conversely, if you put your money into an account with a real money gaming site, their licenses require them to ensure your money isn’t touched or used for any other reason than to play, and will should be paid back in full if the casino goes bankrupt.

This, of course, doesn’t account for when you’re playing at the casino – all bets are off if you simply wager away all your savings!


7. 60% of UK Remote Gambling Operation is Run by the Big 6

You might think that online and mobile casinos offer the chance for democratisation – for smaller brands to break through and stake a claim to their share of the market. However, it might surprise you to earn that the truth is the remote online and mobile gambling market in the UK is still dominated by the same 6 companies which are strongest offline too.

That’s right, almost two thirds of all the money that is spent on gambling online or on mobile is done so through sites owned by William Hill, Ladbrokes, 888, Betfair and Paddy Power. The majority of this is actually done through white labels – gambling sites that seem independent, but are actually run by one of the bigger brands.

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