We all secretly wish we were good at sport (even if we don’t like to admit it!).

There’s always that moment of inspiration and quiet envy when you turn on the T.V and see Mo Farah crossing the finish line with ease after running the length of a small country, or when Rooney is still firing the goals in after all these years.

But of course, it’s all well and good wanting to be good at kicking a ball around or being able to run faster than someone else, but don’t you ever find yourself wishing you were good at something a bit more left field?

If these five weird sports don’t make you re-evaluate what you could be doing with your spare time, then I'm not sure what will.

Pumpkin Boat Racing

pumpkin boat race


Yep…that's how we’re starting the list…pumpkins.

This weird sport is literally what it says on the tin. For one day only you can become the captain of your own vegetable vessel and sail the seven peas – I mean seas.

Well its not quite as exciting as that, it's really just you in a pumpkin racing other people in pumpkins down an 800 metre river.

Although it would be great to be able to compete at this point you have to way up your options. If you can grown vegetables big enough to sail in, you might be in the wrong business.

pumpkin growing

Some of you should take a leaf out of this man's book


playing bossaball

Hailing from sunny Spain is the second sport on our list, Bossaball.

A compilation of Football, Volleyball, and Gymnastics played on a huge bouncy inflatable, this sport is no doubt an attention grabber if ever I saw one.

But how can all these sports be jammed into one and thrown on to an inflatable and still be playable? My bet is we’ll never know, it seems much too abstract for us Brits to comprehend. The term Jack of all trades – master of none springs to mind…

Bog Snorkelling

bog snorkelling in the uk

In case the same old, dull Olympic swimming has failed to wet your whistle recently, I bring to you a way of revolutionizing the sport we all learn to do as children in the baby pool. Stick it in a bog!

Just to clarify, us here at GoWin are not in any way, shape or form, encouraging you to stick your child in a bog (unless they've misbehaved of course!).

Seriously though, bog snorkelling is no easy task from the looks of things. Two lengths of a bog using only your flippers as a source of propulsion is something you’d take to like a fish out of water.

Wife Carrying

wife carrying

“This wasn't in the vows!”

Tying the knot can a couple's first steps on to a bumpy ride. The rocky road of marriage is shown at its most prominent in the next sport on our list.

Wife Carrying is another one of those sports that does what it says on the tin. A group of happy couples compete in a gruelling obstacle course in which the faithful husband must hoist his beloved bride on to his back and traverse both dry and water based obstacles.

Much like marriage, this bonding activity really brings out the love between man and woman…and man's love for Alcohol! The prize for winning the competition is your wife’s weight in beer! If that wouldn't make you want to compete, then nothing will.

Toe Wrestling

toe wrestling


The final sport on this list is one invented by us clever Brits. An ingenious group of drinkers came up with the idea after deciding that Britain needed a sport in which it could reign as world champions).

I'm not sure how much they had to drink that day, but their final choice of sport was much better than the first ideas that came to mind; ear wrestling (what?) and push of war, which was played using a scaffolding pole…clever lads…

Despite being a UK born sport, I can’t imagine many Brits would want to lock toes with another person for any length of time, whatever the prize may be.


nastly looking feet

I'm quite sure this man is the foot wrestling champion…by default!

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