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blue-iphoneWith the iPhone 7 being released, we thought it would be a good time to talk about how great the iPhone has been for playing at mobile casinos. This is what we like to call the iPhone mobile casino experience. Not only is the iPhone sleek, fully customize-able and used by a lot of people but its 4G optimization and storage fits perfectly within the confines of one who likes to gamble online.

While the latest model has been met with some controversy (we definitely think the removal of the headphone jack wasn't the best idea) we have generally been very impressed with how well compatible iPhones and mobile casinos are with each other. But before you start thinking we're Apple apologists, we'd just like to say that although we approve of the iPhone overall, the battery life is shocking!


1. Storage

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Although it hasn't been one of the iPhone's biggest selling points, its storage capacity has always impressed us (as long as we remember to put all our photos on the cloud). You download more than 30 apps and download speed, depending on good your WiFi is, is quick and easy.

You might be wondering what a phone's storage capacity has to do with mobile casinos. Well, some mobile casinos can be downloaded or they allow you to send games to your phone so that you can access your favourite mobile slot anytime, anywhere.


2. Performance

iphone-cpu-a10Thanks to the iPhone's stellar central processing unit, this allows for smooth performance no matter what you play. Although more and more mobile casinos, including us here at GoWin, are doing their damnedest to simplify their website for mobile use, we're sure that the A10 CPU will perform well of any website regardless.

And with the iPhone 7, the A10 promises to be the best processing unit in any smart phone ever, meaning you can gamble online at the fraction of the speed. So run whichever one of our games you prefer and you'll be guaranteed the same smooth performance each time.


3. 4G Capabilities

4g-internet-technologyWe don't just use it to make phone calls! 4G has now become standard for mobile phone signals from all phone companies. But it all started with the iPhone — and it continues to improve upon it all the time, with the iPhone 7 looking to go more international with its 4G capabilities.

This means you can literally go online almost anywhere in the world without restriction. WiFi? Who needs it?Just make sure you're not about to go into a tunnel before you play our games here at GoWin.


4. Excellent Screen

iphone-6-plus-321The HD glass screen for the iPhone has set the standard for smartphones everywhere. Its the iPhone's trademark if nothing else and its superior design makes for a thrilling experience at a mobile casino. With a full range of colours and not a terribly pixelated graphic in sight, the iPhone mobile casino experience offers nothing less than the best for your eyes to feast upon.

This is why more and more mobile casinos are making better use of colours in their design. Not only must a minimal design be implemented but having brighter red, blues and yellows makes your website pop out among all the grey and black.


5. User-Friendliness

koi princess iphone 1Now this is entirely our opinion (as we writers at GoWin are just a bunch of millennials) but we honestly think that the iPhone is the most user-friendly mobile device on the market. It's simple in its design and doesn't mess around with a lot of complicated menus or instructions. This makes the iPhone mobile casino experience a breeze.


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