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5 Mobile Slots Tips You Simply Cannot Ignore

Mobile Phone SlotsEveryone has a different opinion on the best way to approach playing mobile slots. Whether based in logic, speculation or pure superstition, advice for slots players abounds, and it’s often hard to separate the sound guidance from the noise. In the hopes clarifying things for you a little, we’ve put together some top slots tips which aren’t worth ignoring. While we can’t guarantee you a win, these are some of the best approaches for players hoping to pocket some cash at mobile casinos.


Work Out A Budget And Stick To It

This may sound pretty straight forward, but you’d be amazed how many slots players get hung up on this step. While it’s a pretty unglamorous fact, the single most important aspect of playing slots is working out how much you’re spending. With the ups and down of the game, and with bonus cash coming and going, it’s imperative that you’re always aware of how much of your own money you’re actually spending on slots.

The best way to do this is to start each session of playing by working out how much you can afford to spend on gambling that day and sticking strictly to that amount. This means no extra deposits above what you can afford, and not spending on expectation (i.e. the classic “well, it’s pay day the day after tomorrow”). Trust us, once you start properly budgeting for slots, the wins feel better, and the losses are never that bad.


Understand The Game

Foxin Wins Super Big WinSo you’ve got your budget, and you’re practised well enough in self-control that you know you’re not just going to blow the whole lot in one go. Best of all, you find a slot you like the look of, it’s got a hilarious theme, and a massive progressive jackpot – time to start playing right? Not so fast Sonny Jim, before you jump feet first into this new game, you need to make sure you do your research and understand how this slot works.

There’s literally thousands of different ways a slot game can work and it’s only a foolish player who ploughs straight in to playing without taking the time to fully understand the mechanics of the game you’re about to play. What’s the volatility? How many paylines? What’s the return to player rate? Any bonus features to speak of? All these things should be answered before you hit spin for the first time, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a confusing, and most likely costly experience.


Pace Yourself (Bet Sensibly)

The most sure-fire way of ensuring you run out of cash on a mobile slot before you get to your stop is by being imprudent when it comes to deciding how much to bet on each spin. Despite what all the lengthy online guides might lead you to believe, deciding how to wager is actually much easier than you might think. Think of your original budget as your baseline and pick a value to wager which is a small decimal of that amount.

After a couple of spins, you’ll either be up a little, down a little, or back where you started; if you’re up, increase the value by a small amount, if you’re down decrease it, and if you’re right where you were, well… If you keep increasing as you win and decreasing as you lose, you have a much better chance of magnifying wins and minimising losses.


Play For Fun (Not Money)

win at online casinoThe cornerstone of responsible gambling is making sure that every time you engage in any gambling – be it mobile slots, lotto, poker or bingo – you’re playing to entertain yourself, and not as an attempt to make money. Playing on the expectation of winning big, or just as bad, chasing losses, are a one way trip to irresponsible wagers and big losses.

You don’t have to be a gambling addict to play irresponsibly, and placing bets because you’re ‘feeling lucky’ is always a fool’s errand. Gambling what you can afford to lose, and seeing not as an investment in further cash, but rather you paying for a good time, are key to making sure you have fun at a mobile casino, and you never leave worrying about your bank balance.


Quit While You're Ahead

This one’s quick and easy. It might be the biggest gambling cliché around, but knowing when to throw in the towel is one of the greatest skills and mobile casino player can learn if they want to be successful. When you’re up, enough to make you happy, simply leave the slot and walk away. Go buy yourself something nice. Don’t be greedy!

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