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Rated: Three Of The Best Mobile Payment Methods

pay as you contract mobileMobile payment methods are a way of depositing to a casino straight from your phone, making them perfect for mobile slots players. They also make banking quick and easy, meaning you can get back to playing your favorite games. As more and more casino gamers chose to play from a mobile device, the amount of mobile depositing methods available continues to grow. There's now multiple ways in which you can deposit from your handset, including mobile billing, e-wallets and SMS payments. We're looking at the pros and cons of some of the best brands on the market so that you can make a more informed choice if you're thinking of switching to mobile deposits.




boku pay by mobileFirst up is Boku. Boku is one of our favourite methods ever,  for both mobile and desktop players. Boku is a form of mobile billing; it uses your phone number to charge any deposit you make to your monthly phone bill or take it from your existing mobile credit.

So as our favourite, what's so good about it? Well for starters, it quick and convenient as you no longer need to be entering long banking details or voucher digits. Secondly, it requires no registration whatsoever. Boku doesn't rely on you managing an account, like PayPal or other methods.

Instead, it charges your phone directly – which also means you don't need a bank account to use Boku either. One of the other great advantages of Boku is that it's completely safe. With Boku the only information you ever have to share is your phone number, eliminating the risk of internet fraud. Plus, for every deposit made, you will need to authorize the payment by text message.

However, all methods have their shortcomings and Boku is no exception. The biggest disadvantage of Boku is that is was crated for small transactions. The method is capped at a deposit limit of £30 a day, so high-rollers might not be so enamored with it. On top of this, Boku deposits are usually only accepted in fixed amounts, £3, £5 or £10. Boku is also a one-way payment method. This means that whilst it's great for depositing, you cannot withdraw funds using Boku. It makes sense given that the payments are coming from your phone bill, yet it can be inconvenient to then have to choose a new method when you want to cash out.

Four Star RatingOverall we're giving Boku a 4/5 star rating. We think it's a great way of depositing and on the whole, most players won't even be affected by it's disadvantages. However, as it can't appeal to every type of player it sadly cannot earn it's fourth star.


Zimpler Payments LogoZimpler is a new depositing method for UK players, yet it's been a favourite for European players for quite some time. Zimpler is mobile payment service that uses your phone number to validate deposits, yet much like PayPal and other e-wallets, it isn't a direct payment method in it's own right. It works as a middleman through which making deposits using other payment methods is made easier.

The main advantage of Zimpler is that it's a payment service completely designed for iGaming. This means that they're focusing all their efforts into making depositing as easy as possible and should be able to understand a player's concerns, wants and needs. The best part of Zimpler is probably how efficient the service is. Once you've registered for an account, you'll only ever have to supply your mobile number to make a payment, which ensures that you can deposit quickly and easily. Like Boku, Zimpler will send you a verification SMS message when a payment is made, and you'll receive a single-use code you need to enter. As before, this eliminates the chance of internet fraud and shields your bank details from casinos.

The disadvantages of Zimpler seem negligible, but we'll list them anyway for fairness's sake. Zimpler requires you to create an account and enter your bank details the first time you use the service. Whilst this is only a one-off process, it could be seen as annoying. Furthermore, the idea of setting up yet another account for anything might fill you with dread. We're inundated with  requests to ‘sign-up' as we use the internet and creating another set of log-in details can be a pain. The good news is that your username and password for Zimpler is simply your mobile phone number – so it isn't all that hard to remember. Another possible irk for Zimpler users could be the fact they don't have an app to manage your account. Services like PayPal offer a mobile app so that you can log-in and see your purchase history. Whilst Zimpler do issue reciepts for all payments, it would be nice to see you're whole record at the tap of a screen.

Five Star RatingSo, rating time! For us, Zimpler has earned itself a elusive 5/5 star rating. We think that it's a very efficient service, it appeals to everyone, and to be honest, we had hard time coming up with anything for the ‘cons' section.

Skrill 1-Tap

Skrill 1-Tap LogoSkrill may be the name on this list that you're most familiar with. The e-wallet service has been a casino payment staple for years, and it doesn't look likely to fall out of favour any time soon. Skrill 1-Tap is specifically designed for mobile users, and it streamlines the traditional Skrill process. Once you're set up for Skril 1-tap payments, you'll be able to deposit in, well, a tap of a button.

A big part of Skrill 1-Tap's appeal is that a large amount of casino players already have a Skrill account set-up. If you're already a Skrill user, the process of setting up mobile deposits is easy, and you can have Skrill 1-Tap up and running in minutes. It's perfect for those players who may have recently made the switch to playing on mobile. Additionally, Skril 1-Tap is fully optimized for all mobile devices, be that handsets, tablets or any other wifi-enabled device. This ensures that the process should always run smoothly. As Skrill 1-Tap remembers your information, it is an incredibly quick way of depositing as it doesn't require any log-in or payment details to be supplied.

Whilst the ease of Skrill 1-Tap might sound ideal, it can also be a worry for some players. Unlike the other two payment methods mentioned in this article. Skrill 1-Tap doesn't require any verification or authorization of a payment. This can be concerning as it means that if your phone is ever missing or stolen, other people would be able to make payments through your account. In addition, for those players who don't already have a Skrill account, registering for 1-Tap can be quite a lengthy process. You need to create log-in details, add payment methods, and then enable 1-Tap payments.

Three Star RatingWe're giving Skrill 1-Tap a 3/5 star rating. It's a great way of depositing for any existing Skrill users, and can make the transition from browser to mobile easy. However, when compared to Boku or Zimpler, the initial creation of an account is just that bit more complicated.

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